Amyloidosis Fellowship Program

ISA awards a limited number of amyloidosis fellowships each year, with a focus on clinical training in all types of amyloidosis. The number of fellowships will depend on funds available.

In 2021-2024, ISA collaborated with Pfizer to offer cardiac amyloidosis fellowships. Starting with 2024-2025 fellowships, ISA has expanded its fellowship program to include all kinds of amyloidosis and multiple sponsors. With this new, expanded program, potential fellows, their home institutions and host institutions negotiate the details of fellowships, then jointly apply to ISA for a fellowship grant. The fellowship grants are awarded to and administered by either the fellows’ home institutions or the host institutions.

The goals of ISA’s fellowship program are to:

  • The train physicians to diagnose and manage all types of amyloidosis, especially ATTR and AL amyloidosis
  • develop the next generation of leading clinicians in the amyloidosis field
  • encourage collaboration among institutions to enhance to address unanswered research questions in the field.
  • provide a training experience and mentoring on the conduct of rigorously designed clinical research through participation in amyloidosis-related investigations.

Fellows are expected to return to their home institutions and/or regions imparting their acquired knowledge and experience in diagnosing and managing amyloidosis, all of which should translate into decreased delays in diagnosis, more accurate diagnoses, and improved management of amyloidosis.

List of ISA fellows and mentors

The application period for 2024-2025 fellowships is closed. Please watch for details on the 2025-2026 program.